on Sustainable Development Goals and hindsight

There is a very high level of excitement within the “development world” about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A great majority of development practitioners are looking at the future with renewed hope and vision. This is good and I find it reassuring to note the general realization that poverty can be dealt with within our lifetime. However, there is one thing I would like to be taken seriously in the formulation and launching of the SDGs; the need to seriously incorporate “learnings” from implementation of Millennium Development Goals in the design and implementations of the sustainable goals.

A huge mistake that the development world will make in its quest to implement the Sustainable Development Goals will be failure to make comprehensive country-specific evaluations of the performance of the Millennium Development Goals. This is because silly and avoidable mistakes are bound to be made in the implementation of SDGs if we do not consider what made specific MDGs work (or not) in various countries.

As a suggestion, I pray that those tasked with the responsibility of setting the SDGs try to learn as much as possible from our experience with MDGS. If anything, the SDGs must be a continuation of the MDGs, with emphasis on what works in particular countries and a fair deal of innovation. The SDGs must be an intelligent version of MDGs (given the advantage of hindsight). Further, countries must develop robust and goal-specific frameworks for monitoring the implementation of SDGs as they adapt the SDGs to their needs and priorities.

here is a good summary of “everything” you need to know about the SDGs.

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