Some useful Links in Agriculture and Rural Development

Here is a list of some links i find useful in my line of work as an agriculturalist. I find the links relevant for students, researchers, policy makers and analysts as well as anyone involved in rural development. The list is not exhaustive and I promise to add more links as they i explore further.

  1. The Food Security Portal is a great resource for anyone interested in anything to do with food security. It is a great source of commodity and country level production and price data, policy analysis tools and global news on food security. The site has a page dedicated to food insecurity early warning supported by Farming Early Warning System (FEWSNET) and Global Information and Early Warning System (GIEWS). If your work has anything to do with food security and related issues, this is definitely a website to bookmark.
  2. The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) facilitates a Sub-Saharan Africa version of the food security portal which I talked about in the past here. Like its sister site in 1 above, the Food security portal for Africa South of the Sahara has lots of material on anything food security nicely arranged under Food Availability, Input Markets, Food Access, Risk and Resilience, Food Consumption as well as External Shocks. the portal also provides quality real-time food commodity prices monitoring. One of the key features i like about this portal is its succinct interactive map on cereal yield, expenditures, undernourishment, agricultural value and agricultural R&D. this is the site you should check tie and again whenever you are working on African agriculture and food security issues.
  3. FAOSTAT is a good source of agricultural and economics data. I can best describe it as a repository of good quality country-level time series data on various agricultural commodities and inputs. you can also find rich information on nutrition, health, labor, population and other macroeconomic data on this site.
  4. Economics that Really Matters is one of my favorite blogs. the blog’s About us page says the following about the blog   “Economics That Really Matters is a blog run by a rotating group of graduate students, researchers, and alumni from the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University. Our aim is to contribute to the discourse of development economics, encourage debate relevant to poverty reduction and agricultural development, and share thoughts from our research experiences.”I am captivated by the passion and enthusiasm that the blog writers invest in analyzing original issues that smallholder (and usually resource-poor) farmers encounter on a daily basis. I am usually nodding my head when i am  reading their blog posts.
  5. Repec is a good source on literature on economics. Repec is touted as the largest free bibliographic database dedicated to economics. Currently, it boasts of over 1,600, 000 articles on various branches of economics that can be freely browsed or downloaded on the internet.

As written elsewhere above, this list is not exhaustive and i intend to add more links in the future.








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