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Journal Articles

    1. Duchoslav, Jan  and Kenamu, Edwin. 2018. “Are social safety nets and input subsidies reaching the poor in Malawi?” IFPRI Malawi working paper 26. 
    2. Bell, Andrew R., Ward, Patrick S, Mapemba, Lawrence, Nyirenda, Zephania, Msukwa, Wupe, and Kenamu, Edwin. 2018. “Smart Subsidies for Catchment Conservation in Malawi” Nature Scientific Data.  

Book Chapters

  1. Brown, D., Clement, H., & Kenamu, E. (2016). Is Diversity Key to Malawi Growing Sustainably? In Rethinking Development through Study Tours: Interpreting the Field and Negotiating Viewpoints, Chapter: 7, Editors: Jonathan Makuwira, Yaso Nadarajah, Daimon Kambewa, Shanmugalingam Nagalingam, pp.170-202